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Day 338: Getting (re)organized

When I hear the word “reorganize” my mind jumps to every time Mr. December came home from work and said, “There’s another re-org happening.” It was a frequent event, so frequent that we made a joke poster that he put up in the work lunchroom, something to the effect of, “It’s been ____ weeks since our last re-org. Let’s try to set a new record!”

I’ve just spent the whole afternoon reorganizing our schedule wall. Since October we’ve had a magnetic board for each kid, with magnets for each subject; every Sunday evening I was supposed to change the magnets to show the week’s schedule. It was neat until I got tired of doing it. I hated having to move those fiddly little magnets and make the identical schedule on three boards. Mr. December and I realized that most of the time we’re teaching the same subject to all three big kids, and I suggested that having three identical boards was a bit redundant. He agreed and charged me with finding some other way to organize the kids’ learning schedules.

Here’s my solution: a single board with the general topics written in (much easier than trying to manipulate those flimsy magnets.) It’s still colour coded, so everything Mr. December teaches is in purple and everything I teach is in orange (not my favourite colour, but it was the only one left after everyone else had picked theirs.) Any appointment or class that is for just one kid is written in their own colour.

I’ve also gone back to our old weekly checklists. Since October I’ve been sitting down at the end of the week to record what each child had done; these weekly checklists will make that a bit redundant. At the end of the week I’ll review the list with the kids, write down anything else that needs to be recorded, and file it in my binder of weekly reviews.

Last, to the right of each paper checklist is a running list of end-of-term goals, like what pieces they should have polished in music or how many units of math they should have completed. We’ve already started encouraging K to figure out how much work she needs to do each week to be able to finish by the end of the term.

It all looks good, and it sounds great in theory, but you never really know how good a system is until you try it for a couple of weeks. I suppose that explains all the re-orgs in Mr. December’s company, doesn’t it?

One thought on “Day 338: Getting (re)organized

  1. The complexity of four kids of different ages and schoolwork…. seeing it makes it very clear and real. Good job and really important to re-org and change things for everyone’s sake so the mundane becomes new again.
    Congratulations. Do you think you will decide to homeschool again in the fall for all or any of your children assuming you could/can choose in-person safely? You really are good it from where I sit.

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