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Day 337: PAR-TAY!

Today was okay. It was kind of our usual weekend: the kids were on screens for at least half the day, I forced them outside in the mid-afternoon, and they all refused to play board games with me in the evening. Mr. December played Wingspan with me (and I beat him) but I’m pretty sure it was just out of pity. All in all, the day felt a bit too much like every single one of the past 336 days—isolated and a bit boring. So instead of our usual bedtime I threw a party.


I recruited Mr. December and R to be the bartenders and make some kind of fancy party drink while I popped some popcorn. I turned on a “top dance hits” mix, cranked the music up and turned the lights down. Our bartenders filled our fancy margarita glasses (from Mr. D’s bachelor days) with frozen lemonade, garnished with a sugared rim and mango chunks. We toasted each other and sat down to play charades.

I think I finally know how to make charades more fun: yell out random guesses. Like, really random. “Hot dog? No? Um… sending a package! No? Okay, Hannibal crossing the alps!” I was wrong: N was acting out cat. I liked my answers better.

I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t the kids arguing that we needed to keep playing charades. They didn’t want to stop. Eventually E put her foot down (literally: it was the most adorable little infuriated stamp) and informed us that I had promised karaoke and it was time for karaoke, gosh darnit.

So we searched Youtube for karaoke songs and hit all the important ones: Mellow Yellow (one of E’s favourites,) I want it that way, Bohemian Rhapsody, Country Roads, Dancing Queen, and—of course—Sweet Caroline (BUM BUM BUUUUM!)

We laughed, we sang, we ate, we drank, we posed for selfies. It was a pretty great party if I do say so myself. Nobody wanted it to end… except for Mr. December, who at the advanced age of forty-three really does get tired sooner than the rest of us. He’s tucked into bed already while I get this blog post done. I wonder if there’s any lemonade left…?

Some pics, clockwise from top left: Our bartenders and official taste-tester with our frozen lemonades, a toast with my little girls, Sweet Caroline karaoke (“reaching out…”), N doing charades, K wearing earrings for the occasion and raising her glass to the camera.

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