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Day 324: The Workout

After looking at the kids’ work from the October-December homeschool term, Mr. December and I realized that we had done no phys. ed curriculum at all. Sure, they were jumping on the trampoline and swinging on the swings, but it occurred to us that they could use a bit more instruction in some basics. Besides that, K’s posture is just deplorable and I think weak core muscles might be a significant factor.

But, as any parent knows, these things go over better if they’re the kids’ idea.

Image result for one punch man images

Enter One Punch Man. N introduced us to this Japanese animated series. The protagonist is just a regular guy who somehow has super strength (I’m sure they explained his origins early in the series, I just didn’t care enough to remember.) In one episode he gains an acolyte who asks how he, too, can become strong like One Punch Man. The answer: a daily workout regimen of one hundred squats, one hundred pushups, and one hundred sit-ups.

I don’t remember how it came up, but N suggested that we could all try the One Punch Man workout. Elated at the fact that he suggested it himself, Mr. December and I agreed that we could try it as a family. “But we have to start slowly,” Mr. December said. “I don’t think we’re up to 100 reps of everything yet. Let’s start with five.”

That was four weeks ago, give or take (I’m too lazy to click over to my calendar.) Most days we added one rep to one exercise, and now we’re up to eight squats, nine sit-ups, and eight push-ups. We’ve also been doing three sun salutations each day because a) they’re the only yoga flow I know and b) we seriously need some stretching exercises. Everyone in this house (with the possible exception of R) has tight hamstrings.

It’s slow progress to be sure, but it’s progress. Mr. December and I are working with the kids on using correct form, and they’re slowly building up their strength. Amazingly the haven’t complained about starting our day this way, and I’ve noticed that everyone is just a bit more focused after the workout. Right now, in the middle of a “state of emergency” lockdown in the middle of winter, it’s the only thing standing between us and complete sloth.

Moral of the story: let your kids watch whatever shows they want. You never know what will inspire them to start a positive habit or routine. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that anime would lead to a workout.

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