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Day 320: Girl Party

“Know what we should have, Eema? A Girl Party!”

This non sequitur was courtesy of E. I have no idea where she came across this idea of a “girl party.” Maybe from one of the shows she watches? But Teen Titans Go! and SpongeBob don’t usually do that sort of thing, do they?

No matter. I agreed, partly because we were doing nothing else, but partly because at this point in the pandemic lockdown, any kind of departure from the routine is a welcome one. Girl party? Sure. Bubble tea party? Love it. Fort party? Sure, whatever. Let’s do it.

“We still have a few cones of henna,” I told E. “Should we try some henna tattoos?”

“That’s perfect!” she breathed.

So this evening after dinner the three girls—that’s right, even K joined us—and I retreated to E’s room with my computer. We watched the two shows everyone could agree on: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and SpongeBob Squarepants (still the catchiest TV theme song I know.) I started with E’s hands and kept on drawing tattoos for an hour. I’m not particularly talented in the medium of henna, but everyone was pleased enough with my work—even N, who crashed the party and ended up with a henna tattoo of a lion.

When we were done watching TV and tattooing, we used up some frozen muffin batter, making muffin tops on a flat pan to save baking time (it was past bedtime already.) I read to them from Rick Riordan’s Greek Heroes, which is both hilarious and educational, while they ate their treat.

E declared the party a success. “It was great,” she said, “but we didn’t get to do everything. So we’re having another party tomorrow night where we’ll do the dance party and a playing-with-stuffies party.” I told her that I’d have to check my social calendar before committing to anything.

Who am I kidding? Thanks to COVID, my calendar is pretty wide open from now until whenever-the-heck-our-government-gets-their-$#!%-together-and-gets-us-all-vaccinated… so bring on the parties!

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