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Day 317: I guess I’m not immune…

Remember how I said my kids spend entire movies pointing out errors and inconsistencies? Well, it turns out that I’m no better.

I binge-watched Bridgerton this week and spent almost as much time yelling at the screen as I did enjoying the sumptuous costumes and sets.

The reason for the binge-watching, by the way, is that I seem to be fibro-flaring again. My arms are particularly bothering me right now, which means that pastimes such as quilting and fixing drawers need to wait. There’s nothing to do but watch. And criticize, of course.

“That’s not a Regency-era dance,” I rant to Mr. December, who was on his way to the fridge to get some water, “there’s far too much touching! And they’re too close together!”

“Write an angry letter,” he said, heading back to his basement office.

The crimes against music were perhaps the worst in my eyes. I’ve heard others call it “clever,” but I just can’t agree when, in a dance scene at a ball, the music is not only an adaptation of a pop song from 2020, but it doesn’t work with the dances at all.

One character declared that she and her husband were about to dance a waltz. Wonderful. Just one problem, though: Vivaldi’s Spring is not a waltz. Neither were the steps they were dancing: from where I sat, it definitely looked like a polka. I can’t figure out whether the producers are that clueless, or they just think their audience is.

And yet despite all its flaws and errors, I thoroughly enjoyed Bridgerton. But now it’s over and I need a new binge-worthy show. I’ll gladly take recommendations. Anybody?

3 thoughts on “Day 317: I guess I’m not immune…

  1. I enjoyed The Witcher, if you haven’t seen it already. The first three-quarters of the first episode had me laughing at how terrible it was, but it picked up quickly afterwards and I ended up loving it. I just started Bridgerton, but am treating it an alternate universe rather than historical fiction 😉

  2. So, I love reading Regency romances – and absolutely loved Bridgerton. One thing I did hear was that the “Waltz” as described in Regency stories was quite different from what we know today as a waltz. And the only thing I “know” about a Regency style waltz is that it involves a much closer hold that any of the other dances at the time. It was considered very risque. Overall I think Bridgerton did an amazing job of getting the feel of things right. They sacrificed historical accuracy in ways that I think just made the show flow much better than it would have otherwise. Not that I can exactly put my finger on what they did.

    Other really fun show on Netflix is Lucifer. Really really different style though… Another amazing show you may not have heard of is Dark (also on Netflix). It is definitely dark though.

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