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Day 316: Remembering

Do you have any idea how many posts I’ve written and deleted today?

I wrote a post about some of my home-improvement work that I’m doing, but it was kind of boring.

Then I wrote about my experience with curbside pickup at IKEA and Canadian Tire. It was okay.

And then I remembered that today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and suddenly just posting a normal, everyday post felt a little too oblivious, somehow.

So I wrote a long post about the Holocaust and the vicarious trauma I feel, even as someone whose grandparents weren’t there at all. By the time I had finished writing it, I was feeling anxious and teary, and wondered what kind of trigger warning I could add to it so as to not cause someone else that kind of distress.

And now here I am, to tell you that I have no intention of posting any of those today. I’m just gonna leave this here and do some deep breathing, because I still feel kind of off.

So that’s it. I remember the Shoah. And education is vital… but maybe with just a little less vicarious trauma for the next generation, hmm?

Back to normal tomorrow… or as normal as I ever get, anyway.

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