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Day 315: Fix-it Fail

There’s a drawer in the library that has not worked properly since it was built. A few months ago I took a close look and determined that the drawer was an eighth of an inch too wide, which was causing the drawer glides to bind. I was convinced that I’d have to build an entirely new drawer box.

Tonight I decided to take a closer look. It occurred to me that there was enough space between the side of the drawer and the side of the cabinet to just reposition the drawer glide further from the edge of the drawer. This was exciting news: if true, it would be a pretty easy fix.

I did all my measuring. I cut out an extra notch at the back of the drawer so the glide could fit in. I drilled new holes for the little pins that connect the glide to the drawer. Then it was time to put the drawer glides back into the cabinet, which was not a comfortable operation. The cabinet opening is about three inches by six inches, and I had to get both of my hands in there. I couldn’t use my power drill since it was too big; instead I used our little ratcheting screwdriver. It took forever and got grease all over my hands from the glides.

It took way too long to screw in four measly screws. By the time I finished I was ready to put in the drawer and be done with it all. I pulled out the glides and positioned the drawer on them.

It didn’t fit.

[Insert swear words here.]

I took the drawer out and ripped out the spacer I had put in to keep the right glide in position. “One more time,” I muttered to myself. I slid the glides out, positioned the drawer, pushed it onto the prongs, and slid the drawer shut.

It closed this time, but it wasn’t pretty. See exhibit A, below. The photo on the right is of the other drawer, the front of which sits flush with the surrounding frame. The photo on the left is of the drawer that I attempted to fix: it’s fully closed, but it still juts out from the frame by a good quarter-inch. Blast!

Now it looks like I’ll have to unscrew the drawer glides from the cabinet sides (again with the cramped space and the tiny ratcheting screwdriver) and reinstall them just a smidge farther away from the cabinet front. Oh, goody. What fun.

I probably had time to finish fixing it tonight, but it’s usually better to stop before you feel like torching the whole *&%$ thing because it just won’t work. I might fix it tomorrow, but for tonight it’s a fix-it fail.

One thought on “Day 315: Fix-it Fail

  1. Your attention to detail and ‘doing it right’ is really inspiring. It does make a difference. Also that you can admit the try, try, try again approach that is necessary, even when it is hard and uncomfortable. Reality and life lessons. Important for us all at any age. THANK YOU.

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