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Day 311: I guess everyone likes to feel useful.

Strange things are happening at my house: K came downstairs this afternoon and said, “I never realized how much fun cleaning the bathroom is! What should I use on my bathtub?”

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I passed her a sponge and some dish soap. “Soap is soap,” I told her. “Have fun!”

And she did.

Last night E asked if I could sew clothes for her stuffed animals.

“I could teach you how to do it,” I offered.

She began to wail, “It’s gonna beeee too hard for meeeee!” (there might have been some crocodile tears involved.)

I assured her that I have a special sewing machine just for little kids. That did the trick. This morning she cleaned up her small table in the craft room to make room for the machine; with a little guidance she sewed a pillow for one of her elephants.

R had impromptu tryouts for a band tonight: she played her three chords on the guitar while N drummed and E danced and sang. She must have sounded fine to them, because E enthusiastically welcomed R to the band. Now three of my four kids are planning to head out on tour as soon as COVID allows.

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