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Day 308: The January Slump

Apparently I’m a day late on this, because yesterday was “Blue Monday”—the most depressing day of the year. Or something like that. I wasn’t paying attention.

I figured that I’ve been feeling out of sorts because the lack of sunlight triggers my SAD. I assumed that I was losing some of my homeschooling mojo because it’s just too hard to educate my own kids day after day. Then I just happened to see a post in a homeschooling forum that made me feel a whole lot better: a new homeschooler asking why she’s so unmotivated to do the homeschool thing.

Almost instantly responses started pouring in. They were all some variation on “This happens every January and February. Veteran homeschoolers call it the January slump.” Some people revealed that every January they become dissatisfied with their curriculum that was so awesome just a few weeks ago; others confided that they don’t do much schooling in January because everyone is just in a funk.

On a related note, I switched our writing curriculum last week. Instead of the “expose your kids to the joy of writing!” approach that demanded so much of my presence and energy, I’ve returned to the workbook-based program where I assign lessons and the kids complete them. It even helpfully breaks up a school year’s worth of work into thirty-six weeks, and each week into five days. Right now I don’t even want to check their work every day, so I’ve assigned them one week’s worth of lessons to be turned in on Friday. Problem solved.

Our social studies curriculum is pretty neat, but I’m not feeling the energy right now; so for the next little while I think we’ll be watching Canada: A People’s History. It’s got nineteen episodes that begin in prehistoric times and end in 1990 or so. I think that should cover us for a while, thank goodness. Sitting on the couch watching a documentary is my speed right about now. Anyhow, I think there’s an excellent chance they’ll remember the documentary better than the discussions we were having before.

Looking at the last two paragraphs I feel like I’m on “lazy homeschooler” mode. That’s okay, though, because if homeschool parents were unionized, it would be union policy to slack off at this time of year. Everybody’s doing it.

One thought on “Day 308: The January Slump

  1. I haven’t been in your shoes so I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but I can imagine that some weeks of workbook assignments might provide good variety too, so that the more energy-intensive schooling feels fresh and vibrant again to the children when you are ready to pick it up once more. And yeah, I’ve been fighting the January blues a bit with myself and my brood this week too.

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