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Day 306: Ford Every Stream…

Happily, there were plenty of leftover waffles and blintzes for breakfast, not to mention the Torah-shaped challah we didn’t eat yesterday. The kids fully abused their whipped cream privileges, but that’s really a self-limiting problem, since I only bought one can. I took my own sweet time, reading yesterday’s newspaper and sipping my instagram-worthy coffee.

I spent some time on my computer trying to grab more photos of the bat mitzvah from the Zoom video recording. The quality was not great (as you saw in the photos yesterday) but I want to include a picture or two of the Zoom gallery view, where you can see all the people who attended (and turned on their video, of course.) I’m keen to get it done now, but I’m waiting for pictures from my father-in-law’s cellphone.

We forced three kids out of the house today, but K refused to budge. I drove us to G. Ross Lord Park, which was practically in my backyard growing up. It’s changed so much that I really didn’t know where I was until we got to the reservoir.

The kids were really into going off trail, so we walked into the woods and shimmied down a tree trunk; we found ourselves on the riverbank. The water was low enough that we could cross it pretty easily, and that’s how we slowly made our way downriver. I got adventurous at one point and ended up getting my feet completely wet (the waterproofing on my boots only covers the bottom two inches), but thanks to my favourite socks my feet weren’t cold at all for the next hour and a bit.

(Public service announcement: wool insulates even when wet!)

The reservoir was almost empty; we were able to walk out right into the middle of it and watch the ducks from close up. We also passed the stable and the soccer field on our way back to the car. We all had a fantastic time, and E asked me whether she could brag to K about how awesome this hike was. “Sure,” I replied. Who knows? Maybe FOMO will entice her to come along next time. Mr. December doubled down on that by buying slurpees for everyone who was in the car. Yum… tastes like bragging rights.

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