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Day 300: Getting Ready

I spent most of today getting ready for K’s Bat Mitzvah, which is this weekend. It won’t be the grand affair we imagined last year, but there’s plenty to do: tidy up the part of our living room that will be on camera (anybody who Zooms knows how that goes); arrange to pick up the Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) from our synagogue office; compile a booklet of the abridged service we’re doing on Saturday and format it so people can download the PDF; figure out what K wants to have for brunch after the service and order it.

Oh, and I’m leading the whole service, so I should probably rehearse a bit and make sure I know what I’m doing when. And practice the Torah reading. That’s all.

I got thrown for a bit of a loop this afternoon by the announcement of tighter COVID restrictions. For a tense few hours I was worried that we had lost the ability to have ten people, physically distanced, for a religious ceremony or rite. Thankfully that rule remains unchanged with this latest announcement. In fact, I’m having a hard time seeing what did change, really. We’re now being told not to leave the house except for medical care, groceries, and outdoor exercise (physically distanced, of course.)

After the announcement I had a sudden sense of being hemmed in, and a mild panicky feeling. I don’t know why—absolutely nothing has changed for us from last week, and we haven’t gone anywhere in ages—but suddenly this announcement made me feel like we’ll be stuck here forever, in an endless cycle of opening up and then locking down. As of now, the emergency order is for 28 days. After that… who knows?

But this weekend we have a simcha (happy event,) virtual though it is, and I’m determined to make it feel special for K. Tomorrow (while we’re still allowed to leave the house) we’ll be dropping off packages (that contain a copy of the booklet and some candies to throw at K) at the homes of our nearby family and friends. K is coming with me: putting a package on the doorstep, knocking, and then stepping away is as close as she’s going to get to actually seeing anyone in person.

Mr. December has taken on the task of schooling the kids tomorrow while I do whatever needs to be done for Saturday. I’m hoping he’ll be just as agreeable when I tell him that one of the tasks on my to-do list is a nap.

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