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Day 296: Beyond Caring.

K’s bat mitzvah is in one week, and because of COVID stuff I’m leading the service. I’m not ready.

My kids are spending way too much time on screens every single day.

My tween’s attitude can poison an entire homeschool lesson for everyone involved, and this afternoon it did.

I owe an e-mail to the landscape designer. It’s only about four months overdue.

I’ve been bringing the mail inside, but haven’t opened any in months.

I’ve gained more weight, again.

My legs have been hurting for two weeks straight.

Our Premier made vague reference to even tighter restrictions than the current lockdown.

It’s been too long since I last hugged my parents.

I want to get outside with the kids everyday but they fight me every step of the way, and these days I don’t have the fortitude to make them; they spend entire days without going outside.

I think I’m getting cabin fever. I want to go somewhere but that’s obviously not going to happen anytime soon.

I want the sun to come back.

I want to not be depressed.

Sorry, folks. This is all I’ve got right now. Don’t worry, it’ll pass.

Shabbat Shalom.

2 thoughts on “Day 296: Beyond Caring.

  1. Understanding. Support. Caring. IT GETS BETTER. Hold on and don’t let your nail break. Together we can do this. Go to bed early and get up late. You need more rest. Also A) a long walk by your self And B) about 2 hours alone in your home…. send the others on a much longer walk.

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