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Day 291: All work and no play (almost)

I’ve been at my computer all day; my eyes are hurting already. I started this morning by writing report cards for K, N, and R. It brought back memories of sitting at my keyboard, tapping out progress reports for my music therapy clients (wow, that feels like another life.) Mr. December said it wasn’t much different from writing performance reviews at work. The end result reads very much like a report card.

Then it was time to tackle the e-vite for K’s Bat Mitzvah, which is two weeks from yesterday. I designed it earlier in the week, but hadn’t added all the guests’ email addresses yet; that was my task this morning, and it was harder than I expected.

It wasn’t that hard to get people’s email addresses. No, the difficult part had more to do with whom to invite. When you’re having a normal Bat Mitzvah you have to consider how many people your venue can hold, how large an event you want, and (of course) your budget. This one’s on Zoom, so we could invite absolutely everyone—but should we? I don’t want anyone to feel that we’re trolling for gifts. I also don’t want anyone feeling obligated to attend, if they don’t particularly care to.

Anyhow, then I had to do some curriculum planning, because homeschool starts up for real on Tuesday. I’ve chosen our novel study for the month, and we’re just picking up social studies where we left off (in Nova Scotia,) but I haven’t even looked at writing projects, art class, or Jewish studies yet. And I can’t shake the niggling feeling that I’m forgetting some curriculum area that I’m responsible for.

By the time I was done with those tasks my eyes were hurting (or maybe it was my head hurting just behind my eyes—but what’s the difference?). At least my final goal for the day was off-screen. Unfortunately, it involved detailed reading of small print: I was dividing up a small part of the Torah reading into even smaller parts for K’s Bat Mitzvah. Normally the Torah reading would take something like forty-five minutes, but for COVID reasons we’re abbreviating things, so I’m left with the task of divvying it up in a way that makes sense.

And now I’m too tired to write. I want to spend the rest of my evening off-screen, so I’ll sign off here. Tomorrow’s post will be better: it’s E’s sixth birthday.

One thought on “Day 291: All work and no play (almost)

  1. SIX is so very grown up…… and not at all. Wonderful time. Sounds like a productive and reflective time today. Nice start to a new year and month. Congratulations!

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