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Day 288: I can’t keep tabling this decision.

There’s a beautiful full moon outside my window as I type this. There were fireworks earlier, and it took me a full ten minutes of wondering why before I remembered that today is the last day of 2020.

This is by no means an isolated incident, caused by the whole pandemic lockdown thing. I haven’t really celebrated New Year’s Eve in twenty years. Along with Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve is just another day where I don’t see the point of going out when everyone else is too, and paying double the usual price to do it. I just don’t get it.

You know, I really wanted to write something profound at this point, but I keep getting interrupted by children and now I don’t remember what I was going to say.

I still haven’t bought a new dining room table. It’s getting to be urgent, though, as any time the kids put some weight on the middle of the table it sags alarmingly. I took out one of the two extension leaves to minimize the distance between the legs.

K was horrified. “You mean I have to sit CLOSER to N? No way! That’s too close!” This, even though the table fits six chairs around it without even a hint of crowding. To keep the peace I promised to be the one sitting next to her.

But with a sagging table and chairs that wobble (from loose joints, not uneven floors,) I know it’s just a matter of time before something breaks. I’d best get a new table and chairs before that happens.

I was going to try getting my design built by a local carpenter who works with reclaimed wood, but then I saw something today that made me change my mind. Isn’t this beautiful?

Image description: an angled view of a tabletop made of two pieces of live-edge wood with the live edges facing the centre of the table. The gap between them is turquoise epoxy, giving the impression of a body of water.

So now I need to politely extricate myself from talks with the aforementioned carpenter and get in touch with the folks who do this kind of work instead. From their website, I gather they might even be able to fabricate tree-shaped pedestals like the ones in my original design.

Then I’ll be back here with a new design dilemma, asking all of my readers to weigh in on what kind of chairs would go best with that table, keeping in mind my spill-prone kids and the cottagey ambience of our home. In fact, I’ll just ask now: what chairs would you pair with the table you see above, and why?

Mr. December is still putting the kids to bed (the volume seems to be dropping, but I still hear animated voices.) This is my chance to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a book without interruptions. For those of you who celebrate, Happy New Year. To everyone else, good night.

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