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Day 286: The Kitchen Sink

Sorry I missed yesterday, everyone. I was in pain and having trouble focusing enough to write. I’m a bit better today.

Is it weird that after I finish loading the dishwasher, I tidy up the sink and then stack any remaining dishes neatly inside? Because I do. If those dishes have to sit there for a few more hours, I’d at least like it to not look completely disgusting.

If my family could be taught to stack dishes neatly in the sink, I wouldn’t have to do it myself. Unfortunately, no matter how many times we’ve discussed it, they often leave their dishes on the counter. This drives me slightly nutty.

The counter is a work surface; it’s best to keep it as clear as possible. It’s not a resting place for dirty dishes. The sink, on the other hand, is a perfect place for dirty dishes: the dishes are less visible, for starters, and take up less space when stacked inside the sink. Besides, you can fill the dishes with a bit of water so whatever is on them doesn’t ossify. What else is a sink for?

I’ve never been told this explicitly, but after twenty years of observation, I believe my inlaws prefer to leave the dirty dishes on the counter to the left of the sink. I have no idea why, but hey, it’s not my kitchen. Nevertheless, I’m baffled as to what else the sink is for.

When I was in first-year university, I had an ongoing dispute with one of my suitemates (apartment style residence) over where to keep the dish soap. She wanted us all to put the bottle of dish soap away in the cabinet underneath the sink when we weren’t using it (because it looked neater that way.) I, on the other hand, felt that was a stupid place for dish soap: it added unnecessary steps to the dishwashing process (including bending down and opening the cabinet door.) Besides, a kitchen sink is a workspace, isn’t it? In what world do you not keep the appropriate tools in the workspace where they’re used?

Now that I’ve unloaded all my kitchen sink baggage, I can move on. But I’d love to hear you weigh in on the kitchen sink and its purpose. Seriously.

Our linen closet has been on my to-do list for a long time. Finally, after wasting a ton of time trying to find the right size and configuration of wire shelving, I gave up and ordered a set of modular metal mesh cubes from Amazon.

This morning I was feeling marginally better than yesterday, so I decided to take out a few of the components and set them up. Two hours later, I had Mr. December helping me assemble the top shelves. I still have to trim the zip ties (I don’t trust those connectors to stand up to heavy use) and attach the cubes to the wall (so they don’t topple forward,) and then it’ll be ready.

I spent most of this afternoon creating a website for K’s Bat Mitzvah. Since lockdown rules limit religious ceremonies to ten people, and we—Mr. D and I, the four kids, and all our parents—add up to ten, K decided to do the ceremony at home rather than in the synagogue with our rabbi (because then the rabbi counts as one, and somebody would have to be left out.) Since we’re at home, we’ll be able to livestream or zoom the service so that family and friends can join us.

I also spent a long time this evening with R, N, and E, getting some things ready for K’s birthday tomorrow. We did have a few mishaps involving confetti-filled balloons, but in the end there’s a balloon bouquet, a string of balloons that reads “Happy Birthday,” and a whole lot of rubber duckies hiding in my closet. I’d say more, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise in case K reads this tonight.

2 thoughts on “Day 286: The Kitchen Sink

  1. Guessed. Sorry I was right about pain.
    Linen closet looks like it will be grand. Huge accomplishment and fingers crossed you did not push your self too hard on accomplishments today.
    Lovely to hear from you and really appreciate seeing the duck balloon!
    Cheers for you!

  2. See, I hate having dishes in the sink because then you can’t use it for stuff like filling the kettle. When I first met Sky I was really puzzled that he would never put dishes *in* the dishwasher, he put them on the counter. Then I visited his family and discovered that they didn’t actually have enough cupboard space for all their dishes, so clean dishes lived in the dishwasher until there were enough dirty ones to fill the dishwasher and run it.

    Back in undergrad, in a 5 person share-house, we finally decided that dirty dishes had to get left on the counter (we had a ton of counter space) so that the sink would be clear for whoever was actually going to *wash* their dishes.

    My favorite roommate ever was in the habit of just washing all the dishes in the kitchen right before he went to bed. I would hang out and dry them so that so that the kitchen would be all nice and tidy when I woke up in the morning. I wish this worked now…unfortunately give our schedules there are often entire meals being prepared after I go to bed at night, and the dishwasher squeaks when you open it, so I’ve told Sky he isn’t allowed to clean the kitchen after I go to bed.

    Happy Birthday to K! Love the duck balloon 🙂

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