Fibro Flares · whine and cheese

Day 284: Happy Feet

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a bike, which is pretty much the same thing.” -somebody.

Some days the most trivial things can make me happy. Like this morning, when I went to make oatmeal for breakfast and the silicone spatula was just the perfect size and shape for its purpose. Or being able to wash my phone with soap and water because its case really is fully waterproof.

The last few weeks, as the weather (finally) turned chilly, my socks have been an unexpected source of happiness.

They’re made of alpaca wool—we bought them at the alpaca farm we visited in September. They’re fluffy and cozy, fit perfectly, and don’t slide off. I once wore them for two weeks without washing (don’t judge. I didn’t want to sacrifice them to the laundry just yet) and they did not smell. Did I mention that they’re cozy?

It’s remarkable how having comfy cozy feet can make me happier on the whole.

The alpaca socks were one of those purchases that made me wonder whether they would really be worth the money—sort of like the bakfiets, before we bought it. While the socks aren’t as life-changing as the cargo bike was, they still make me say, “I’m so glad I bought these” whenever I put them on.

Even today, when I woke up to a fibro flare, my cozy socks are making me feel just a bit more comfortable. My body is achy, my leg muscles are twitching, and my energy level is pretty low, but my feet are happy. Maybe you can buy happiness after all.

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