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Day 280: Disappointment, Wasted Time, and Ennui.

I’ve spent a lot of time at my computer since this morning. Our meeting with the rabbi regarding the logistics of K’s bat mitzvah went well, so now I get to go off and plan. Where online can I get those individually-wrapped Sunkist candies to throw at the Bat Mitzvah girl? And should we get some balloons and do something a little bit elaborate to make her feel like it’s a special day, even though it’s just us at home in front of a computer? And maybe I should create a webpage where people can write messages to K, and can read about what she’s doing and why.

We are tremendously fortunate, as I’ve said before. But I think it’s okay for K to feel disappointed (and a bit cheated, according to her) that her Bat Mitzvah will be a tiny ceremony instead of the anticipated big celebration with family and friends. Maybe I’m trying to overcompensate, with the balloons and everything, but probably better to overcompensate than to undercompensate (is that even a word?)

I also spent wasted a couple of hours looking for basic wire shelves for our linen closet. After searching all of the hardware and organizing stores I could think of, the only thing I discovered was that ClosetMaid has three different lines of wire shelving with three similar-but-different names, and no store carried all of the components of any one system. I finally abandoned the idea entirely and ordered some wire mesh cubes from Amazon.

This afternoon I was snapping at the kids anytime they called me. N came to hug me from behind when I was at my desk, and I hissed, “Would you please stop sneaking up on me and looking over my shoulder at the screen? Yeesh!” I suspect that SAD is catching up with me: there’s little enough sunlight these days to depress anyone, let alone someone with diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder. That would definitely explain the sense of ennui that creeps up on me in the afternoons. Maybe I should take up napping.

One thought on “Day 280: Disappointment, Wasted Time, and Ennui.

  1. Napping sounds in serious order.
    Have you looked at one of those all spectrum anti-SAD lamps?
    Sometimes we are just tired. Be good to you.

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