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Day 278: Hot off the Press!

Some of my kids have difficulty with pointless work (guess which ones.) I don’t blame them—it always feels better to produce work that does some good in the world. So this month, their writing project sprang directly from our tzedakah vote, which showed an overwhelming desire to support local businesses.

The assignment was to produce a guide to local businesses, with all the information a prospective shopper might want. The kids had to draft a list of businesses, divide them up, research them, write a blurb about each one, and add photos. The whole process has taken them three weeks.

I’m proud to say (and so are they) that today we finished printing and binding the guide. Each child has a copy to keep in their portfolio, and I have one to keep for bragging purposes. We haven’t thought about distribution at all, but we might contact the businesses we featured and offer them a souvenir copy.

Have a look at these proud writers and their final product:

Image description: four children sitting on a staircase, each holding the same brochure open to different pages. One kid is hiding his face behind his brochure.

In case you were curious, I did not get any complaints from the kids as to why they needed to do the project, or whether they would need these skills later. There was minimal grumbling when I made them edit and refine it multiple times, but to be fair I grumble about having to edit my work too.

In other writing news, somebody has been paying attention when I teach punctuation.

Tonight the kids were wrestling with Mr. December (it’s such a good way to get them to calm down and get sleepy, don’t you know.) K shouted, “Help Eema!” as I walked past.

“Thanks for suggesting it,” I said nonchalantly, “but I don’t really need any help.”

Without missing a beat, R called out, “Help comma Eema!”

“Oh! You need help? Why didn’t you say so?” And I went to help them.

R spent the remaining twenty minutes before bedtime inserting punctuation into everything she said. It was a far more amusing way to assess her knowledge and skill than, say, a quiz.

As I’m typing this, I hear a voice calling me. “Eema, comma, can I get another tuck-in please? Exclamation mark exclamation mark… a hundred exclamation marks!”

“No,” I grumble, “period.”

One thought on “Day 278: Hot off the Press!

  1. One of my daughter’s friends in middle school was aghast that we didn’t do tests in our homeschooling. “How do you know if they’ve learned the material if you don’t give tests?” she wanted to know. There are so many better ways to assess knowledge retention when you don’t need to assess 25 kids in 40 minutes. This was a perfect example of an alternate form of assessment.

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