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Day 277: Break? What Break?

R is livid.

She said something about being on winter break this week and I said, “Break? What break?”

“You SAID we’d have a break! I NEED A BREAK!” she said as she stamped her foot.

I don’t know about the kids, but I need a break. I think this is the time when any teacher worth their salt pulls out the “edutainment”—movies, miniseries, that sort of thing. But I’m not willing to let us all descend into two weeks of the total anarchy that our weekends seem to bring.

Since some of you might be in a similar boat (we’re none of us going anywhere, am I right?) I give you my list of things I’ll be getting my kids to do for the next two weeks.

  1. Write a cookbook. The other kids can thank K for this one. The mission, should they choose to accept it, is to write five recipes, test-cook them, and add photographs. (I’m hoping to get some yummies out of this task.)
  2. Research potential travel destinations. Why should I have to do all the work? The kids are perfectly capable of googling information on any country we might visit.
  3. Map a travel route and include flight times. This is straight-up geography. If we want to see Thailand, New Zealand, Israel, and Iceland, what’s the most time-efficient way to do that?
  4. Create YouTube videos that teach kids how to do basic household tasks. Tell me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming that those tasks would be getting done as part of the filming process, right? Sounds like a win to me. I hope they start with “How to change the toilet paper roll.”
  5. Go skating. It counts as phys. ed. And since our swimming classes were shut down due to COVID, the kids have had precious little exercise. Maybe a gym class intensive week is a good idea.
  6. Clean their rooms. Decluttering and organizing is a life skill they could all use more of.
  7. Read the newspaper and discuss. So many fascinating topics, and so little lesson planning for me.
  8. Music class intensive! How cool would it be to just spend all day every day teaching them how to play new instruments? I bed they’d make some real progress in two weeks.
  9. Reshelve all the books in our library. There’s a huge mountain of books on the floor of our library that seems to be overflow from two crates of books waiting to be shelved. The kids will learn about classifying books by subject, and there’s a chance they’ll find their next great read.
  10. Play the silent game. A classic. Whoever can be absolutely silent the longest wins my most heartfelt appreciation. Oh, and a brownie.

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