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Day 276: It sounds crazy…we should do it.

“How would you kids feel about travelling for a few months and homeschooling along the way?” Mr. December asked them last week.

Surprisingly, none of them was enthusiastic.

“That sounds terrible!” K whined. “We’ll probably have to stay in a smaller place where I don’t have my own room, so there’s no privacy, and I won’t be able to see my friends or even talk to them! I think it’s a bad idea. You go if you want. I’ll stay with the grandparents.”

Since that day, E has come to see the value of travel: depending on where we go, she might get to see elephants close up. That would be a dream come true for her: Just mentioning the possibility makes her eyes light up.

What exactly do we have in mind? I don’t really know yet. But Mr. December and I are feeling ready to do something epic, and I feel like our window of opportunity where K will be a willing participant is dwindling. Our reading list currently includes such titles as The World is our Classroom, The Road Taken, and Worldschooling.

Of course, Mr. December and I are each reading all the books and then discussing the parts that grabbed us, which is why my next sewing tutorial will be how to make a bookmark that holds a small dispenser of post-it flags.

In the meantime I take comfort in the fact that at least one of our kids seems to be buying into (or at least comprehending) our vision for this family. N’s response to Mr. December’s query was:

“Well, I guess it makes sense. I mean, it sounds crazy, and we’re the family that does crazy things. So I guess we should probably do it.”

So, readers: any tips, do’s and do-not-do’s, or recommendations for family travel? I’m all ears.

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