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Day 265: Art Class

I gave up on school around 1:30 today. The kids had already done math, physics, and writing, and they were fed up. I was fed up. The sun was shining. Clearly, it was time to end school and chase everyone out of the house.

But half of our lessons didn’t get done, and I’d be damned if the kids got out of school stuff because they were acting all whiny at lunchtime. That’s how I ended up announcing that school hours were starting again after dinner so we could do art and social studies.

Art class is a rather recent addition to our homeschool; I found a curriculum that’s very well organized and comes complete with supply lists and recommended videos for each lesson. We began with Leonardo Da Vinci and the Renaissance, did Michelangelo’s ceilings of the Sistine Chapel, and this week learned all about Bernini and Baroque sculpture. Even if the kids are learning nothing in homeschool, I’m getting a heck of an education.

After learning about Baroque sculpture, I broke out a 10-pack of Ivory soap bars and some carving tools. We all set to work on creating our own sculptures. In the process we learned some Very Important Things about carving soap:

  1. It breaks. A lot.
  2. The size of Ivory bars really limits what you can create.
  3. There will be soap shavings EVERYWHERE.
  4. It gets soap all over everybody’s hands—which is a boon when certain kids just “forget” to wash all the time.
  5. It’s very easy to clean up.

It was pretty quiet while we worked. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and combine art class with music appreciation: we listened to Holst’s The Planets (chosen because of N’s current interest in Greek and Roman mythology) and, to my surprise, the kids loved it and wanted to hear more.

Bedtime snack followed art; R made herself and E a smoothie, N ate cereal, and I read aloud to them from a novel about the Acadian expulsion (for our Nova Scotia history unit.) K stayed downstairs for an extra hour and continued working on her sculpture—it’s a fairly complex design that involved hollowing out the soap and then carving an intricate tangle of tree branches on the outside. I think she’s still not quite done.

Hey, notice how K is wearing a toque inside? It was supposed to be mine, but it somehow ended up on her head. She wears it all the time, even inside, and with her earbuds in, her toque on, and her hands in the pockets of her hoodie, she looks like a stereotypical teenager. Acts like one, too, with or without the toque and earbuds. And in less than a month, she’ll actually be a teenager—how on earth did that happen?

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