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Day 252: At least the puzzle got finished…

We finished the puzzle! Thanks to Mr. December’s algorithm, it didn’t take us long at all. We’ve been working on it for maybe an hour a night (usually less) for the last ten or so days. Yay us!

See the triumphant and relieved expression on Mr. December’s face? I don’t. All I see is that now my husband has better—thicker, shinier, longer—hair than I do. Life can be so unfair.

In that vein, I’m sick today. It’s some kind of stomach bug, I think, but I’m also cold and fatigued. My thermometer assures me I don’t have a fever, and my stomach assures me that it doesn’t care what the thermometer tells me; I’m still sick.

I was in E’s room, watching her work on a sudoku puzzle. At some point I think she gave me a pillow and blanket; next thing I knew, an hour had passed. That was only five hours ago and I’m completely ready for another nap. I’d love to stay and regale you with stories about everything, but I’m gonna go and work on feeling better.

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