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Day 249: When the kids talk about homeschool

“You know what’s weird?” K offered the other day, “we do so much less work than we did at school, but we’ve learned so much more!”

(I wisely refrained from pointing out that she didn’t really do much of the assigned work at school.)

She went on: “Like, there was so much stupid busywork. And we had to write so much more. But I didn’t learn anything close to what I’ve learned since March.”

I appreciated hearing that perspective, because so often when we ask the kids how homeschool compares with school, they shrug and say only, “I miss my friends.”

Later that same day R was playing Roblox online with her friends and talking nonstop. I can only assume that the other kids had asked about homeschool, because I heard her say, “Well, we’re doing Kumon workbooks for math, and my mom found a curriculum for language arts. It’s not too bad.”

N, in the meantime, was observed proudly showing his friend the pre-algebra work he’s been doing this month. His friend, not to be outdone, said something like, “Pre-algebra? Hmmm. At school we’re doing baby math. But with my tutor, I’m already doing post-algebra!”

I never made it to post-algebra, as far as I know, so I can probably be forgiven for not knowing it existed. I guess there’s always more to learn, right?

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