family fun

Day 242: Challenge Accepted.

I wanted to write you a post about how I, grammar geek that I am, had a blast in Language Arts with the kids on Friday. I had the whole post planned out in my head. But then this happened:

When a friend offers a ridiculously difficult puzzle and tags you specifically, you have to accept the challenge. And when that friend is kind enough to drop the puzzle off at your house on Friday, you know that you’ll spend your weekend working on it.

I actually spent most of today working on something else: the ugliest canned-food organizer ever. But this evening, as I was sitting down to blog about grammar lessons, N invited me to start the puzzle with him.

I sang him songs from Avenue Q (the ones that are mostly appropriate for kids) and sorted out the edge pieces while N studied the shapes of the pieces we’d need. Then I stumbled on the middle piece of the whole spiral, and I was hooked. We got a fair bit of the middle done before Mr. December dragged us away from the puzzle to watch a new show he thought we’d like.

And now, instead of going to bed a bit early, or writing a more interesting blog post, I’m sneaking back downstairs to keep working on it. I’ll update you tomorrow unless I’m too tired from pulling a jigsaw puzzle all-nighter.

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