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Day 235: Nothing Happened.

I did absolutely nothing of consequence today. It was glorious.

Some friends came over to hang out in our backyard and we talked while their dog and my kid played.

When they left, E informed me of her intention to play in the sand under the swings. “I might use the hose,” she said. So I told her to enjoy herself, and then I sat down in the hammock to read. For over an hour she made mud, mixed it up, poured it out. Remixed until the consistency was “just right.” Then she came to me and announced that she was experimenting to see what would happen when her bucketful of mud dries up. She had plans to check on it periodically.

“Um, Eema?” She added casually, while shedding tiny grains of sand all over the porch, “I might need a bath.” It was definitely the understatement of the week. What followed was a very mellow, conversational bathtime.

“Can I have pancakes? I really want pancakes,” she said. Normally I’d probably tell her that there’s plenty of cooked food in the fridge that she could eat. Today, though, I had no pressing issues to sort out, nothing that I had to do. So I made pancakes for a very appreciative little girl.

We took a walk as the sun disappeared. E scooted ahead of me and Mr. December, only waiting for us when she got to a corner or a street crossing. We walked to one of the local grocery stores—the one with the most amazing fruit—and got our basket of honeycrisp apples just as they were closing. Our walk back was interspersed with stops to look at the gorgeous post-sunset sky.

Tonight there was a very little bit of excitement: K’s B’nei Mitzvah class held an online coffeehouse. I led the havdalah blessings at the beginning, but didn’t sign up to perform because it’s not really about me. K hadn’t signed up either, but as the program played out, she kept brainstorming things we could do. Finally she decided, and roped all of us into singing our “Family Song” (a mashup of Mr. Golden Sun and The Corner Grocery Store, with a little Wheels on the Bus for flavour.) I felt slightly ridiculous doing it, but we sang our hearts out and laughed all the way through, and K was happy we did it.

See? I told you nothing happened. In my world, anyway. Apparently there’s some kind of fuss about some election… I kid, I kid. I stopped watching it after the President’s speech on Thursday; I haven’t seen that kind of “sore loser” behaviour since I beat E at Rhino Hero last year. But here in our safe, calm, and yes, privileged bubble, absolutely nothing happened. And it was glorious.

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