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Day 221: Again with the Mocking

“All you’re getting is tiny chips! I can do better than that!”

“Fine. Show me.” THWACK! “Oh, please. Move over, little girl! Watch how a woman does it.”


“See? That’s how it’s done.

“Yeah, in like seven strokes. My turn. Watch and learn.”

K and I were in the backyard, splitting logs for firewood. I had been doing it alone for twenty minutes (great workout, by the way) when K came out to join me. She’s actually quite good at it, but I couldn’t help ribbing her a bit when the logs wouldn’t split. Solitary work turned into a friendly competition with all the trash-talking and mocking that that entails.

The other mocking I did today was a hardboard mock-up of my dining room tabletop. You probably already know about my love of cardboard mock-ups for projects like my kitchen and E’s playhouse. This time I used a sheet of ⅛” Masonite that served as floor protection during our renovation. I’m trying to figure out how long I can make the table before it becomes too big for the room (right now I’m thinking around nine feet,) and trying to decide how narrow is too narrow (thirty-six inches? thirty-eight?).

And then there are the corners. Because of where the table has to be (at the entrance to the dining room, in a high-traffic area,) I’m a little worried that people will walk into the corners (okay, fine. I’m worried that I’ll walk into the corners and have a bruised left hip for the rest of my life.) So I’m going to start cutting various degrees of rounded corners to see what looks best.

Of course, deciding on seating would be a good idea too. I initially wanted a banquette along the wall, but I’m thinking people might get pretty sick of having to slide in and out, especially with a table that can seat five people on a side. On the other hand, a banquette puts a stop to people bashing their chairs into the wall when they get up. On the other other hand, it means that the table can be closer to the wall. So many things to think about.

Advice? Thoughts? Do you have a long table with a built-in bench on one side? All advice gratefully accepted!

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