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Day 218: “More Me Mess”

There’s exciting stuff happening in homeschool all the time, but I’m not sure I want to devote my blog to documenting every single day. Today’s writing assignment, though, is worth sharing.

The kids were challenged to create a museum in their own bedrooms, with everyday objects as the artifacts. They were to label their “artifacts” using a minimum of two of their word cards for each object. When they were all done, we toured the “museums” together with their respective creators as our tour guides. Here were a few of my favourites:

I think the “dehydrated waterfall” faucet and the “fuzzy blossom” doll chair won for poetic descriptiveness, but “more me mess” has that great alliteration going for it, not to mention the truthfulness of the statement (it was stuck to N’s very cluttered desk.)

Hopefully all these games give the kids a different relationship with words (and by extension, writing.) Next week is a “mangled poem” assignment based on a picture of the kids’ choosing, and then in November we’re into a bit more conventional writing.

Mr. December and I have decided we need a professional development day this week, but we’re meaner than the schools. Over here a PD day means we do our own work while the kids visit grandparents and do more school. On Friday they can expect to do geography, leaf identification and classification, and art (creating a site-specific art installation using found objects.) At the same time, I expect to be able to drink my coffee while it’s hot, pay my bills, and finish my sentences when speaking to Mr. December. It’s a win-win.

One thing I haven’t had time to contemplate is my dining room table. We need a new one: ours is hopelessly rickety, not to mention warped and too wide for the space. A while back I came up with a design idea and started talking to a local furniture maker about bringing my idea to life. Then E got pneumonia (January and February), my Buby died (early March), COVID happened and my parents were stuck on board a cruise ship for an extra week (mid-to-late-March), and then I took on homeschooling all four of my kids (basically all the time since April.) You can see why a new dining table wasn’t my first priority.

But many moons ago, before my days were full of geography lessons and novel studies, I designed my own dining room table. I had intended to build it, but I’m going to have it built for me lest we end up toasting my grandchildren’s birthdays around a rickety IKEA table from 2002. Here’s a picture of my design concept:

So now I’m back in discussions with the furniture maker, but the ball is in my court right now: I’m not one hundred percent sure how long I want the table to be (at least 8 feet, but maybe longer?) and I think I’d like the corners to be a bit rounded or tapered, but I don’t know by how much. So this weekend, or maybe on my PD day, I’ll be making a cardboard mock-up (because you know how much I love those) of the tabletop and resting it on top of our existing table to see how I feel about the shape and size. I’m giving myself a deadline of next Thursday to decide on the table top.

And then the fun begins with the legs. Hot rolled steel? A different specie of wood? Tree-trunk shaped like my drawing? Or something else? Some days I think I could have been very happy as a furniture maker. Other days my carpal tunnel syndrome reminds me that I could work maybe an hour or two a day, tops.

And now my carpal tunnel syndrome is reminding me that I’ve been at the computer for too long. It’s rare that I can focus on a blog post for this long; usually other people’s noise distracts me. Tonight I’m using my new earbuds that have memory foam earpieces that act like earplugs. There could be a screaming match going on right now and I’d still be blissfully typing away and listening to Mandy Patinkin in The Secret Garden.

Ouch! What was—oh, yeah. Carpal tunnel syndrome is nagging me now. Okay, okay! I get it. No more for today!

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