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Day 215: On top of homeschool but under the weather

My head hurts, and it’s hard to think of what to write when it feels like there’s a unicorn goring your head from the inside. Apologies in advance if this post isn’t up to snuff.

I’m all by my lonesome—the kids are at Mum and Dad’s house and Mr. December is visiting his parents—and I really should be planning for the coming school week. It’s not that there’s a ton of planning, either: I mostly have to read the curricula I’m using to make sure that I know what we’re doing and I have all the materials we’ll need. I guess I should probably arrange the kids’ magnetic schedule boards, too, if only to show that I’m on top of it all.

I need to use some jump rings to connect bead bars so that E can start doing the Montessori short bead chains this week. If I want her to do the serial addition with the golden beads, I’ve also got to make some thousands cubes out of cardboard. I also have to print out the Pirkei Avot copywork. But what I really need right now is sleep, I think. Please excuse me—I’ll try to write more tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 215: On top of homeschool but under the weather

  1. OH DEAR!!!! Hope you went to bed and let making the materials be part of school work. Flexibility works best when you feel well…. and when you do not feel well going to bed is smart. Sending very best wishes and support. Here’s to a better day tomorrow!

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