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Day 208: Way Too Late

Ten hours.

That’s how much sleep I need each night to be at my best. I know some people who do very well on six hours; that’s the kind of sleep schedule that would have me fibro-flaring in under a week. Mr. December laughs that he doesn’t know how I can possibly sleep so much, and he and the kids have nicknamed me “The Sleep-apillar.” I don’t mind the teasing—I often sleep right through it—because they’re right: I sleep a lot when I have the chance.

One of the wonderful things about being at the cottage was the hours we kept. With no internet surfing (we could have, but agreed not to) and lighting so dim that we couldn’t really do much after dark anyhow, we went to bed between nine and nine-thirty almost every night. I woke up almost every day having had a solid ten hours of sleep. It was amazing.

Evenings are completely different now that we’re back at home. Our house is very well lit—Mr. December made sure of it—and most of the LED bulbs are what they call “daylight”, with a colour temperature of 5000K. It may be night, but with all the lights on in here my brain won’t believe it. We both have blue light filters and nighttime settings on our computers (which have helped us to feel tired at eleven instead of one) but the major problem is the sheer number of distractions available to us on the internet.

Whatever the reason, for the last week we’ve been going to bed way too late: around eleven or even midnight each night. And even though I’m definitely getting eight hours of sleep most nights, it’s not enough. I feel tired only because we’re too undisciplined to turn off the light and go to sleep earlier. I’m starting to feel the way I did before COVID turned our world upside down, and I promised myself I’d work hard not to feel that way again.

Once we start homeschooling, two days from today, I’ll have to wake up earlier than I have been. I’ll also have to be “on” more than I’m accustomed to. The only way this is going to work for me is if I get into the habit of going to sleep by 9:30; anything later is just too late. Maybe I should get the kids to tuck me in before they go to bed, or ask Mr. December to please get off his computer earlier and drag me upstairs. What definitely won’t work is just saying that I’m going to bed early from now on. Like the commercial says: if I could have done it alone, I would have done it already.

One thought on “Day 208: Way Too Late

  1. Having your kids tuck you in is a good idea. Been there, did that. Remember after you are tucked in they cannot ask you for help or check to see if you are reading under the covers by your headlamp….. I actually slept I was exhausted; your mileage may vary.

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