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Day 199: I’m not supposed to be here.

I think I’m in danger of getting overwhelmed. Which is ridiculous, because all four of my children are with their grandparents and it’s just me and Mr. December in the house. I spent today reading up on our language arts curriculum, building the sukkah, and trying not to eat all the banana muffins.

Funny aside about those muffins: I ordered groceries through Instacart so we’d have food the morning after we arrived home. I couldn’t really tell from the description, but the photo was of a single banana, not a bunch, so I ordered ten. Ten bananas.

I got ten bunches.

So it’s going to be banana muffins, banana bread, banana smoothies, and heck, I might even try making a banana cream pie. Our freezer isn’t big enough to hold all the bananas, so we either have to eat them or give them away. Anybody want some bananas?

Where was I? Oh, yes: overwhelmed.

The enormity of what we’re about to do–take full responsibility for our children’s education—hit me today. It took several hours just to skim the writing curriculum. I haven’t even thought about how we’re going to do music or art or anything else… and Hebrew. And Jewish Studies. If I were a cartoonist, I’d draw you a picture of a giant pile of books, each labelled with a subject, and a tiny little hand poking out of the bottom of the pile and waving a white flag. But I’m not a cartoonist, so that description is all you get.

I know everything will be fine eventually. I have until October 13 to come up with a plan for the first four weeks of our homeschool. That’s all I really need to do: Mr. December and I have decided we’ll have a PD day every month so that we can plan for the next month. I sincerely hope that once I’ve spent more time with this new curriculum it’ll actually save me planning time in the future. Right now, though, I feel a bit like there’s a tsunami of books and documents threatening to engulf me. I’m totally overwhelmed, and the kids aren’t even at home.

My saving grace is this: I’m not supposed to be here. We were scheduled to come home from the cottage tomorrow afternoon, so I’ve got nothing scheduled and nobody expects me to return emails yet. I’m giving myself a break from the everyday demands of life, like making sure I’m on top of everyone’s upcoming doctor appointments (who needed the optometrist? dentist? respirologist? ENT?). There’s something very, very soothing about being at home when nobody knows to bother me here.

Wait… I just blew my cover, didn’t I?

One thought on “Day 199: I’m not supposed to be here.

  1. THANK YOU for being here. Bad night here with stress.
    Remember 4 different grades makes a LOT of planning/teaching work. Be super kind to you. Super gentle. You can do this but even with purchased curriculum getting it all underway (4 grades!!!) is a LOT of WORK. Planning even 2 hrs of work per child per day is 8 hrs of planning per day….and 5 days in week. You WILL get it under control and a system happening; but be good to you starting this up.

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