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Day 198: She can see, but I can’t print.

We picked up K’s glasses this afternoon. Here’s a rough transcript of the three hours that followed:

“Oh, wow! There’s writing on the buildings across the street!”

“Eema! Look at those clouds! They’re amazing!”

“Hey, our house is nice!”

And the winner of the gratitude award:

“It’s so awesome to be able to see!

In other news, I’ve purchased a writing curriculum that I’m really excited about. It’s only available in PDF format, though, so I have to take care of printing and binding. I investigated having them printed and bound at a copy shop; the price made me reconsider, so today I printed the materials myself.

Despite the fact that our printer doesn’t do automatic double-sided printing, it was going pretty well for a while. Then I noticed that the printer had somehow skipped a page, and now the page numbers on the two sides of the pages didn’t match up properly. I had to reprint at least ten percent of the document.

Instead of binding I decided I would just use a 3-hole punch and put it all in a 3-ring binder with dividers. Thankfully I had bought a punch with a 50-sheet capacity back in April (the better to punch large numbers of math drills, my dear.) So I began punching holes, one 50-sheet pile at a time.

Then I noticed that the page numbers weren’t sequential. “Why is only page fifty missing? Shouldn’t there be two pages missing since they’re all double sided?” I wondered aloud. There should have been two pages missing, but there weren’t… which meant all of the subsequent pages were the wrong side up. I had to turn the pages over and punch the other side, which is why my print job looks about as professional as a cake decorated by a five-year-old.

In the end, I figure it took me three hours to get everything done. In future I should probably get these things printed at a copy shop and save myself the time, hassle, and sub-par results. Either that, or I need a new printer that can do automatic double-sided printing.

That’s what I’ll do. I would order one online right now if it weren’t for my stockpile-loving husband. At his insistence we always have at least three spare cartridges of each colour ink so that we never run out, so now I have to wait until we use up all that ink before buying my new printer.

It shouldn’t be too hard to burn through our ink reserves. After all, I still have a 263-page document to print. It’s double sided, so that will probably require a whole lot of reprinting. At this rate, I should have no ink left by next week.

3 thoughts on “Day 198: She can see, but I can’t print.

  1. Black and white laser printers that can do double-sided aren’t all that expensive– probably less expensive than getting things professionally bound. When I get back home if I remember I’ll tell you which printer we ended up with the last time we got a new one. If you have to have color, that might be more problematic.

  2. Hurrah for vision corrected!
    Like the idea from prior poster re black and white printer! Super good points. Esp as you are liking and doing well with on-line homeschool.

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