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Day 184: One September Summer Day

First things first: I was so busy enjoying today that I forgot about E being my guest author until after she was in bed. My apologies. I’ll try to remember tomorrow, when the temperature drops to 12 from 24.

It was windy today, so in the shade it didn’t feel so warm. On the dock it was a different story: the sun was bright and hot all day long. I dragged the kids out of the house. “Whatever you’re doing,” I said, “you can do it on the dock. We won’t get another day like this.” While they did each other’s hair, read books, and played, I lay on a lounge chair in my bathing suit and read a trashy novel. It was perfect.

The day was so (relatively) warm that I agreed to go swimming with the kids, even though I knew the lake would be freezing cold. It was painfully cold, not refreshing, and we all started to turn purple after about ten minutes, but we made the best of it by running up the hill from the lake to jump into the hot tub.

I managed to convince N (who wasn’t keen on kayaking since last week’s fiasco) and Mr. December (who prefers canoeing) to try kayaking today. After they’d both had their turns, K and I went out together and spent half an hour charging into the oncoming waves. As I sit here right now I can still feel the up-and-down sensation; if I closed my eyes I could convince myself I was still out on the water.

Essentially, today was exactly what I’d hoped most of our days would be this month. We might get another, or we might not, but at least we had today.

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