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Day 156: Out of the Woodwork

I’m posting a bit late today, and very little I might add, because I spent most of my afternoon and evening working on my desk. I’m building myself a new one to replace the “temporary” desk I’ve been using for at least a year.

I was going to do a built-in cabinet with a fold-out secretary desk, so that I could close it up when not in use, but in the end I decided to keep it simple: a desk with a slide-out keyboard tray/work surface, and two floating shelves above it.

I’m proud to say that after several mistakes and miscalculations, I’ve finally installed the floating shelves and part of my desk. Have a look:

That’s the desktop. I plan to add some colour with the keyboard tray (the same blue as my former desk) and to add a face frame to the front of the unit so it looks a bit more substantial. I also want to install LED lighting on the underside of the shelf so that I have desk lighting without a lamp taking up space.

On one hand, it feels good to be building again. On the other hand — both hands, actually — this kind of thing aggravates my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so I need to space out my work days. It makes for slow progress. I probably won’t even try to finish my desk until next week, or maybe even after I come back from the cottage.

Stick around. For my next trick I’ll be building a sukkah frame in yet another new location this year. Will it blow over? Watch and see…

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