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Day 153: Cheery blues (house tour continued)

Welcome to K’s room!

Naturally, we started with the paint colour (which every decorator and designer will tell you is exactly the wrong thing to start with.) K chose Bahaman Sea Blue. I talked her into trying something very different with the paint: we painted the ceiling and trim in her colour of choice and kept the walls white.

The door (almost all the doors of the house, in fact) is painted in an unusual way. I had the idea of painting the splines (the door’s edges) and the recessed panel in colour, and the rails and stiles in white. It’s one of the details that I absolutely love about this house: the colour of each door hints at the room beyond.

We decided to split up K’s wardrobes and use two of them to flank her bed, with the remaining one tucked beside her desk. I found the turquoise crystal knobs on Amazon, much to her delight. The wardrobes are set up with lights that turn on whenever the doors are open.

K’s bed is the one I built for her just before E was born. I never got around to painting it, and now K doesn’t really want me to. It’s solid, simple, and has enough room underneath to house an extra single mattress. My mom found the duvet cover and pillow sham and decided it was perfect for K’s room. She was right.

K also sleeps with the quilt I made her when she moved into her first big-girl bed. I still get a little thrill every time I see her wrapped up in it.

Her bedside table arrangement is another thing that is turning out to be more permanent than I hoped. On one side she has a shoe cabinet from IKEA, and the other side is a wire cart I’ve had pretty much forever. Not pretty, but they get the job done.

K’s desk… oy, her desk. Even after I organized the wall with some pegboard to hold stationery, school supplies, and mementoes, it’s still covered with stuff all the time. The under-shelf lighting I installed as a space-saving alternative to a desk lamp never gets used. Underneath the desk live all sorts of stuffies and special pillows. It’s not really a work space and K isn’t keen on making it one.

Here’s my favourite feature in this room: K’s display and storage wall. I hacked it using TRONES shoe cabinets and some shelves from IKEA, with picture ledges above. The cabinets, which I customized with some quilting fabric and mod podge, tilt open to store K’s dance costumes, craft kits, and other random stuff. Her rubber duck collection has taken up residence on the display ledges along with various certificates and pictures. Beside the shelves, a giant stuffed giraffe named “Giraffy Taffy” stands guard against duck theft.

I still want to add some kind of statement-making display of books and art to the blank wall; maybe one day I’ll have time for projects again. In the meantime, this room is K’s haven. Sometimes I even wish it was mine.

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