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Day 138: Date Night… er, Afternoon

Mr. December and I went on a date this afternoon — the first one since we saw Hamilton on March 7. Lunch out on a nearly-empty patio, with sangria no less, was just what I needed today. That Mr. December is so dreamy. I hope he asks me out again.

E and R have gone to my in-laws’ house for a few days. I miss them already. Having just the two older kids has its perks, though; we just watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights with them. N was especially tickled. The good news is that they’re so deliciously naive that all of the inappropriate jokes went right over their heads. It’s like that time I had a sleepover for my tenth birthday and my mom let us watch Dirty Dancing; later she apologized to the other parents and admitted that she had only remembered the dancing and had forgotten about the “dirty”. It was fine, though — only years later did I actually clue in to the abortion-gone-wrong subplot.

It’s apparently a long weekend. I had no plans beyond today’s date with Mr. D, but I assume there will be lots of snuggling with N, as long as he remembers to brush his teeth and take baths (R is right, boys are kinda gross.)

And in exciting news (well, exciting to me,) E has a new friend, a girl her age who lives on our block. When K met her bestie who lived on our street her world opened up and she gained a lot of freedom; R has a friend who lives just up the street, and she loves being able to go over by herself; N’s friend from school lives just a few blocks away and the boys are allowed to go back and forth by themselves, which means they can play anytime without parents having to be available to drive. I’m so glad that E now has a local friend. They’re little now, but before we know it they’ll be out and about in the neighbourhood together, popping in for a freezie or a glass of water.

One thought on “Day 138: Date Night… er, Afternoon

  1. How do you meet the local neighborhood friends? I’d really like this for our kids (now 7 and almost 5) but have had a hard time finding anyone. The few families I do know, the kids were in afterschool programs/extracurriculars, etc (pre-pandemic) and never seemed to be around. But I’ve seen loads of similarly aged kids around during the pandemic: obviously we can’t get together to play right now but I have no idea how to approach them when we can. I tend to assume that they all must have lots of friends from school and aren’t looking for more friends, so saying “how about you play with my kids?” would be awkward, but maybe I’m wrong about that? Did you approach the families, or did your kids make the connection somehow themselves? I remember when we moved house when I was about 7 or 8, my parents sent me and my older sister round by ourselves to knock on the door of a neighbor’s house that they knew had kids, to introduce ourselves. But that seems somehow weird in this day and age. Or is it? PS I’m an introvert so find this sort of thing difficult!

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