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Day 137: Overheard

A few sound bites from our day today, in no particular order:

“Why is your underwear in the garbage?”

“Please keep your tongue inside your head.”

“Stop licking me. You’re not a cat.”

“No, you can’t have more grape juice. You already had two refills… Of course I know that, I’m the one who poured them!”

“Listen, I know you’re bored. That’s no excuse for swinging your hammock into my elbow.”

“I’d take the sheep if I were you. It’s almost harvest time and you have no food!”

“Would you get off my farm and take your turn already!?”

“Hey, look! There’s a tiger carrying a unicorn, running along the beach! And he’s being chased by a reindeer!”

We went to the beach at 6 a.m., where we swam and I introduced Mr. December to a sun salutation (his downward dog could use some work.) When we came home, Mr. December asked what the kids were supposed to do today.

“I think it can either be a day off or an unschooling day,” I answered.

I’m not sure which of the two it ended up being. The kids built an epic fort with a giant cardboard box, enlisting me to make a latch for the door (problem solved with two popsicle sticks, two wooden beads, and a very neat machine screw with its own sheath-type screw. I don’t know what it’s called, but IKEA uses it to hold multiple bookcases together.) N read a whole lot of Horrible Science books, popping in to share the gruesome details every so often. We made challah.

Then I played Agricola (a board game) with E and R, which was agonizing. In retrospect, I should have known that they’d be more interested in creating plot lines for their little people-shaped player tokens and the Fimo livestock they raise. It was adorable that whenever they took a “family growth” action (where you add an extra player token to your board) they needed to discuss names and genders of the new family member, but by the second hour I was getting antsy.

“Just give everybody five food and skip to the last round,” Mr. December advised. I took his advice and silently added some of my own: do not play this game with these girls while they’re still interested in playing with dolls.

Tonight, at my parents’ house for Shabbat dinner, I moved the TV remote and told the kids they couldn’t watch at all. They complained about boredom and “nothing to do,” and I ignored them. In the end they made up their own game which involved one person as the “judge” and the other players singing a song, in turn, that they thought the judge would like. It was cute.

On the way home I joined the game. I won three rounds in a row before we got home, and the kids learned an important lesson: when it comes to picking an appropriate song for an individual, never go up against a music therapist. We’ll always win.

One thought on “Day 137: Overheard

  1. I have a “boredom is necessary for developing creativity” lecture. The boredom strategy backfired on me the other day when my only child decided she was bored enough to nap, and then couldn’t sleep at bedtime 😦

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