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Day 132: How’s it Going?

Mr. December and I invited our parents over today for an Annual General Meeting of stakeholders in our homeschool. It was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but we really wanted to review what we’ve done so far, how it’s working, and what we’re planning for the coming school year.

It’s easy to feel like everything’s going well because everyone’s happy, or like it’s awful because there’s lots of resistance. That’s not necessarily the whole story, though. As I’ve learned from my sweetheart, data is a wonderful thing — so I created a spreadsheet to track everyone’s progress.

So… how are we doing at this homeschooling thing?

Math: excellent. All the kids are now either at or above grade level, and they scored highly on math contests from the University of Waterloo. English: They’re chugging along through the Winning With Writing books; R writes her own (private) blog, N wrote thank-you notes for his birthay presents, and K wrote a proposal for breaking a Guinness World Record. They’re not becoming incredible writers overnight, but there is progress. Their handwriting is universally awful, though.

As for things like science, history, geography, music, and all the other stuff, it’s pretty hard to evaluate. They love watching history videos on YouTube; N practices piano daily, but the girls do very little music practice; science happens when a new Kiwi Crate arrives. We could really use some more discipline in these areas, or at least a better routine that ensures we actually get to everything.

I haven’t even considered how I’m going to do Hebrew and Judaic Studies yet. Mr. December is adamant that anything other than immersion in spoken Hebrew is just a waste of time, with the exception of learning to read Hebrew phonetically (without comprehension.) I just want our kids to have a really strong grounding in who we are and where we’ve come from. Is that so much to ask?

Quote of the day:

“Maybe during the day when she’s not on shift, Mean Mommy should practice being nicer.” – E, at bedtime

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