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Day 126: Traffic

That Mr. December. He’s a tough act to follow… and yet follow I must.

I’ve been thinking a lot about traffic these days: internet traffic as well as the usual kind.

I have a WordPress dashboard that shows me daily statistics for my blog. They’ve done away with my favourite section, the one that tells you what search terms brought people to your site (for your amusement, here’s one such list from 10 years ago.) The data set that amazes me regularly is the list of countries from which people are reading this blog.

Canada and the United States are no surprise. I know plenty of people there. I do have family and friends in New Zealand, so I guess its appearance on my list isn’t a mystery either. Then it gets a bit interesting: Denmark… Hungary… I don’t know anybody there. The list goes on: Singapore, Colombia, Ukraine, Algeria, South Africa. Nigeria. Bosnia. I’ll stop now because this isn’t about how widely read my blog is — it’s about how amazed I am that people choose to spend their time online reading my blog when there is so much content out there.

So to everyone reading this from somewhere else — okay, and all the folks at home too — Hi! I’m glad you’ve joined me here. If you ever want to pop into the comment section and tell me how you found this blog, I’d really enjoy reading that… because, as I said, WordPress has stopped telling me how many people found my site by googling things like “Penis Loofah.” (I kid you not.)

And in the other kind of traffic-related news: even with the Toronto area only at level two of reopening after shutdown, traffic here can once again be described as “aggravating”. I really miss those first few weeks of quarantine when I could drive anywhere without being beset on all sides by drivers who don’t signal, drivers on their phones, drivers who don’t understand the meaning of a green arrow… in other words, Toronto drivers. Of course there was the added bonus of the price of gas being closer to what I used to pay in university; that was kind of cool. It’s too bad there was nowhere I needed to go, because I discovered that driving is still fun for me — but only when the roads are empty.

Now that the traffic is back, I’m back to being irritable in the car. I’m driving our nanny here and back home (10 minutes in no traffic, 20 in bad traffic) every day, and I’ve noticed the increase in traffic volume, as well as the proliferation of bad drivers. It’s kind of disturbing to think that even though there are plenty of cars on the road, there are still lots of people who aren’t travelling to work. Have I forgotten how bad the traffic used to be here?

I probably have forgotten. And since we’re homeschooling this year, I won’t have to drive in rush hour every morning and afternoon. As Martha Stewart would say, “That’s a good thing.”

2 thoughts on “Day 126: Traffic

  1. Hi there! I found your blog thanks to the virtual house tour you were doing – another blog I follow linked over here, then I realized you were also in Toronto – then I saw a comment from Matt V, and discovered that Sky knows Mr. December…so I kind of almost know you!

    We drove somewhere last weekend for the first time in months and I couldn’t believe how much traffic there was. Sky’s theory is that most people are avoiding public transit, so even though a ton of people are working from home there may actually be more cars on the road than ever. I’m just glad I live close enough to work that I can walk, but I’m glad I only have to go once a week because it is a really long walk.

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