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Day 123: Short and Sweet

Wouldn’t you know it, two days after we’ve made the momentous decision to homeschool this year, one of our schools comes out and says that they will be offering full-day in-person schooling, five days a week. This is the school that I think is good for my kid in person, but doesn’t translate well to e-learning. I wonder whether I’d have made a different choice if I had to decide about homeschooling tonight?


I don’t have that anxious feeling anymore. Now I’m mostly excited, and thinking that we need a vision. Mr. December and I have some very different ideas about learning and education. I’d love to see the kids doing two hours a day of pure academics, with the rest of the day to enjoy life as a family and pursue all sorts of interests. He thinks five or six hours of work sounds good.

K has been working with wax craft sticks a lot in the past week (ever since I tidied up the makery and displayed the craft supplies so the kids could actually see what’s available!). She’s making some beautiful and delicate flowers that she wants to attach to hair clips. I think she needs to be using a different medium if she doesn’t want her flowers to melt in the summer, but I know next to nothing about this stuff. Then I remembered that my friend C used to do jewellery design — maybe she could advise?

In short, she probably can. This is the kind of learning I’m most excited about for my kids: finding mentors and learning how to ask for and accept help when your learning stagnates. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when K and C start flexing some creative muscles together.

In the meantime, here’s some of K’s work to date:

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