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Day 113: Another Guest Blogger!

Hello it’s N here! I’m bored so I’m writing today! I hate how we have to do work in the summer! And we have to do MORE WORK THAN WE USUALLY DO! I hate this homeschool curriculum! And if I didnt have to do all this work I would probably be spending alot of time with my family and friends. (And I would spend some of it on the computer (I’m 50% sure of all of that)). By the way, do any of you have/like the cat game? I do! (though I mostly spend all my time on it on the chat/club chat). I just purposely spell overything wrong on it and say gibberish. That’s how I got every one to send me to join their group!

Me again.

Okay, that was interesting. N complains about homeschool the least out of all four kids, so I was a bit surprised to read this. By the way, I edited it a bit because I can’t stand it when they don’t capitalize the word “I”, and run-on sentences make my head hurt, but none of the words were changed. I don’t understand one bit of how spelling things wrong in chat gets people to ask him to join their group — I think we need to have another serious conversation about internet safety and our rules (i.e. It’s ok to “friend” people you know in real life, but no strangers.)

A few weeks ago he told me about a movie he was making. Cynically, I assumed that the kids were hamming it up with someone’s phone recording a video of them. Today N finally dragged me over to the computer and showed me the screenplay he wrote for said movie. It was even formatted correctly for a script, with character names in all caps and stage directions in italics. The dialogue sounded natural and it had a plot.

“Where did you learn how to write a screenplay?” I asked.

“Oh,” he said breezily, “I just copied the format from that Harry Potter book that isn’t a real Harry Potter book.”

“You mean The Cursed Child?

“Yeah, that one. I did it the way that author did.”

At which point I turned to Mr. December and mouthed, “He wrote two pages of a screenplay. With plot! And correct formatting! And he figured it out himself from other books! This is unschooling!”

You see, that screenplay is the longest thing I’ve seen him write in… well, actually, ever. And it was good! He’s currently writing the sequel.

Does this mean that we can abandon our systematic workbook-based program? In a nutshell, no. But it is reassuring when the kids show us they’re capable of producing good work without nagging or prodding. And if The Sibling War and its sequel The Pizza War ever make it to the big screen, you can tell everyone that you’ve known about them since the beginning.

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