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Day 109: Life’s a beach

Today we called off school and went to the beach instead.

Once we had set up our shade tent, the kids insisted on going into the water. Do you know how cold Lake Ontario is right now? I believe it was somewhere around 17 degrees Celsius, which is like 63 Fahrenheit. It feels the way I imagine the beginning of being cryogenically frozen might feel, if one was being frozen alive.

The beach is an amazing opportunity to watch kids being kids, playing for hours and never getting bored. K got the others to bury her in the sand (overheard tonight: “Half the beach is still in my hair!” “Sorry, kiddo,” said Mr. December, “sometimes life’s a real beach.”); we hunted for interesting looking rocks and set them aside to take home; we ran in and out of the freezing water (which felt less freezing the longer we stood in the sun).

All the while, I was wearing my homeschooling hat:

“Is this quartz, N?”

“Anybody know why this rock has other little rocks inside it?”

“Hey, look! It’s a fossil!”

“Aren’t these stripes cool? That’s how you know it’s a sedimentary rock!”

The kids think I brought home all our rocks so we could paint them (if you’ve never painted rocks, you should try it. It’s surprisingly fun.) They don’t know yet that we’re going to classify the rocks and learn all about them. That’s my nefarious plot… and the kids thought we took them to the beach for fun!

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