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Day 108: Canada Day

Yesterday was a school day for us, to the children’s chagrin. I didn’t see the point in taking a day off — again, nowhere to go (that wasn’t insanely crowded, since everyone had the day off) and nothing to do. Why let them watch TV all day? Still, we managed to have a bit more fun than usual.

We still had balloons hanging around from N’s birthday the day before, so when E and R started blowing them up, I suggested, “Why don’t you store all of those on the trampoline?” That’s how we discovered that even more fun than a trampoline is… a trampoline with balloons.

In an attempt to help K enjoy geometry a bit more I ordered a tangrams game, a book of tangram puzzles, and a story book about a grandfather who tells his granddaughter a story using tangrams (okay, fine, the story book was for E and R). K wasn’t interested at all, but N was instantly hooked. While I worked with R on her math, he read the storybook to E, making the tangram pictures as he went along. She started crying at some point; it turned out that she wanted to make the pictures too, but N was moving on too quickly for her.

Later, N challenged me to a tangram contest. We worked on one puzzle that was a picture of two soccer players. N moved his character to look like it was kicking mine in the head. Then, grabbing my phone, he started to take one picture after another, moving the tiles ever so slightly between shots. That’s right, he wanted to make a stop-motion animation of his tangram kicking my tangram in the head and making it fall apart. I wish I could post the whole thing, but I can’t. Here’s the original puzzle, though:

After dinner we decided to join friends who were putting on a fireworks show for their neighbourhood. The kids enjoyed the fireworks, of course, but the best part seemed to be the sparklers — this was the first time E had ever seen one (we usually choose bedtime over fireworks.) The other kids were busy covering themselves in glow bracelets. It was such a weird feeling, everyone getting in the car to go somewhere. It made me long for last summer’s road trip again… although the COVID shutdown does seem to have resulted in the same kind of teamwork and togetherness that the road trip did.

So that was yesterday.

I spent a lot of today going down an internet rabbit hole. Did you know there’s an entire free homeschool K-8 curriculum with daily lesson plans out there? And speaking of rabbit holes and homeschooling, E is falling down the Ancient Egypt rabbit hole pretty hard — today she complained that the videos I was showing her were getting repetitive. “I already know that stuff!” she exclaimed. Meanwhile, R is determined to watch the Oversimplified “Henry VIII” video on repeat until she has it memorized.

Stay tuned tomorrow, where I’ll either rhapsodize about our day at the beach, reflect on the upcoming decision we have to make about school for September, or write about how I’m feeling stressed now that there are actual visits or (distanced) playdates to either accept or decline. Or maybe a tour of one of the kids’ bedrooms. It’ll be a surprise… for you and me both.

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