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Day 106: Double Digits

N turned 10 today. I can’t believe it — it feels simultaneously like just yesterday and like a million years ago that I gave birth to him right here, at home. He came out screaming, but over the years he became quieter and quieter; we worried about him. Then we told him he would be going to a new school, in a Gifted program, and he came out of his shell again. Watching him blossom is such a privilege.

(Smelling him, on the other hand, is the opposite. Is he too young for deodorant?)

We celebrated with a very small physical-distancing water gun party. N invited his four best friends and curated a playlist of his favourite songs. I bought water guns at Dollarama and arranged all the food. The girls decorated the patio area. When the guests arrived, I handed over the water guns and went back inside. Between the water guns and the trampoline they entertained themselves for over an hour — without adult intervention. I call that a win.

So now he’s ten. He does his own laundry and can make quesadillas and braid challah. He loves reading, math, puns, and games of all kinds. And lions, of course. And he’s still the very snuggly kid who asks me to sing him to sleep and then nuzzles my hand while I do.

Happy birthday, N. Welcome to your second decade!

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