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Day 101: Questions you want the answers to

If you want to hear the highlights of our three (two and a half?) days in Manhattan, there are questions you should be asking. Questions like:

Why did the emergency alert system sound while we were watching Stomp?

Whose dumb idea was it to bike from Central Park to Times Square? And why?

How did we get the driver of a tiny cab to let all six of us squeeze into his car?

What did K find to scoff at in a Central Park landmark?

Why was Mr. December riding a tricycle with square wheels?

What’s up with the fairy wings we’re all wearing at that restaurant?

Why did I feel the need to regale the kids with a story from my family road trip through New York, particularly an episode my brothers and I called “Two rooms, three lightbulbs, and a guy named Jacques”?

Did we ever make it to the m&ms store?

And, the question you’re all dying to ask:

Why is this post just a teaser for a future post?

The last one, at least, I can answer: it’s late, I’m tired, and a little suspense never hurt anyone 😉 See you tomorrow!

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