Day 90: Concussion redux

Today I was feeling fabulous. My head hadn’t hurt in at least a week, I had lots of energy, the weather was great. So when E asked me to go on the trampoline with her, I said yes.

Big mistake.

After three bounces, my head started to hurt. I climbed off the trampoline and went straight to bed, hoping I could sleep it off after a couple of hours.


It still hurts a bit (although it’s better now that I’ve taken an Advil) and I’m a bit dizzy. No long post from me tonight. I’m going to bed. See you all tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 90: Concussion redux

  1. SO hope you are better. Jarring your neck. head for several months now is probably not your best plan going forward……… but I totally understand how you thought it would be fine. Glad you quit rapidly and did not tough it out.

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