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Day 89: Guest post by K!

My stomach is bothering me and I don’t feel like writing, so I’m handing this over to a guest poster (K). Behold: the intersection of lazy parenting, child labour, and homeschool writing! Enjoy.

Today was a work day. My mom and dad had the dumb idea to take us on a “field trip” but it was just us driving 40 minutes away (which is like a bajillion hours kid time) just to walk in a circle for 4 kilometres and then another 40 minutes to go back home. And sure, there were trees and it was nice (aside from the swarm of mosquitos trying to eat me alive — I have a very bad reaction to mosquito bites), but unlike a school “field trip” (schools don’t know the difference between a “fun field trip” and pain,) you don’t get the rest of the day off; you still have to do the same amount of work. I had to do 3 sections of writing (that’s five double-sided pages per section) and 5 double sided pages of math. so we were a day behind. I ended up working all day today, and when I finally finished all the math (in the end I got to do just one double-sided page of math in exchange for writing a math contest. It still took all day,) we played a round of Betrayal Legacy (a board game) and then took a break and then played another round. So I had almost no free time today and now my entire weekend system is messed up. I hope we never have another “field trip” and have to do work after.

Today is also the last day before R and E come home from the candy shop (AKA the grandparents’ house) so tonight is the last night for me to finish all the kugel before they get here and eat it (quick math problem: I have one kugel and someone takes it by force. How many kugels do I have? Answer: one kugel and a dead body). lucky for me i was hungry when I woke up and managed to eat an entire thing of kugel (ow, my stomach. It was worth it). I also finished off most of the seaweed (from a giant box — I love seaweed), so that was fun. Now all I have to do is make sure the dolls are in position for my epic prank (Imma scare the pants off R); I still have to set it up though. Bbbuuuutttt… before i do that i plan to start watching The Good Place season 4, and that’s my plan for tonight (notice that my plan does not involve sleeping…)

K’s Note: mom edited everything so if it sounds like she wrote it thats because she kind of did (she edited it to her style)

My note: I edited for capitalization and punctuation, and took K’s footnotes and turned them into parentheses. only about five words were omitted. I think it’s still faithful to the original. Thanks K!

K’s note: no it’s not.

My note: GO TO BED!

K’s note: sleeping is not on tonights schedule also what happened to watching the good place?

Me: The heck it isn’t. What happened was a pretty funny blog post. Now GO TO BED!

K: no

Me: *SMH*

About the guest author:

K is a twelve-year-old firecracker of a kid. She likes swings, chocolate, and being crazy. Her arguing skills are legendary and most days she can be found arguing everything from alarm clocks to school work to bedtime. K lives in an awesome house with her two parents and three annoying siblings.

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