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Day 84: Productivity!

It was a weird kind of day today. We only have two kids right now (E and R are with my in-laws for a week), so I was able to get a few more things checked off my list. Most excitingly, our garage is a neater place as of today.

See how neat? Now, who needs an extra brake cable? End caps?

Things I accomplished today:

  • Oiled the hardware on K’s swing so it doesn’t wake up the neighbours anymore. Seriously, last week one of our neighbours commented on how nice it is that our swing set gets so much use, and then asked if I’d like to borrow some WD-40 for our squeaky swing. I thought that was a nice way to sum up the situation.
  • Installed a hose reel in the garage so the hose isn’t underfoot all the time.
  • Installed hooks and a wall-mounted storage bin in the garage. These have now replaced my former storage system for bike parts, which was a bin on the floor with everything thrown in together.
  • Organized all our spare bike parts and accessories on the hooks. Now if we have something, we can see it — and we have pretty much everything. Inner tubes, kickstands, rear racks, fenders, replacement brake cables, extra chains, lights, locks, and all the tools. Now I just have to teach the kids how to use this stuff.

Oh, and I cleaned the kitchen, checked my kids’ schoolwork, talked to my mum, took a nap, and got involved in a heated online discussion about whether leaf blowers should be outlawed.

On the other hand, the two kids currently at home were… how do I say this? … well, they were pretty unproductive. We assigned them math and writing work that, put together, should have taken them a grand total of four hours at the outside. They started “working” at 9:45 and still hadn’t finished their assignments by 4:30, when we decided to call it a day (they lost privileges for tomorrow because they didn’t complete all their work.) The work wasn’t so hard, but staring into space, taking a “two minute” (read: half-hour) break for fresh air, and making “just a little snack” every hour or so really eats into their time. I’m thinking of buying them stopwatches or timers so they can see how much of their work time is spent on not-work.

We’ve declared an ETB for tonight (camp acronym for Early To Bed) on the theory that they were too tired to focus on their work today. We’ll be tucking N and K in at 8:00, and then Mr. December and I will go to sleep around 8:30 or so. Hopefully tomorrow will be a productive day for everyone, adults and children alike.

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