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Day 83: The view from here

It was a beautiful day today. Not too hot, not too cold — just right for wearing a comfy old hoodie in the shade. I knocked a few items off my honey-do list early, went for a solo bike ride, and snuggled my kids. Life is good.

The same way my Mum feels instantly happy near a large body of water (especially the ocean), I feel an instant sense of contentment wash over me when I’m in a forest (although a nice lake doesn’t hurt either.) Lying on my back looking up, seeing nothing but trees, always feels like a gift. Being able to live in a home that’s surrounded by trees is a privilege I wouldn’t give up easily.

This afternoon I lay on the trampoline and looked up at the sky;

At dinnertime I enjoyed this view from our back patio.

Mr. December and I went for a walk this evening. Both K and N declined to join us. I was sorely tempted to find an ice cream truck, buy a huge treat, and walk into the house with it while saying, “Oh man, it’s too bad you weren’t there with us!” Then again, we had a nice peaceful walk and intelligent adult conversation, so it probably is for the best that they didn’t join in. A long walk together is as close as we’ve gotten to a date night in months.

Arriving home, I felt a rush of satisfaction when I saw our house. It’s blue… it’s pretty… and it’s ours. This view never gets old.

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