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Day 81: Twenty-one bottles of beer on the wall…

I’m not a fan of beer. But even people who are beer fans apparently don’t want to drink Molson Canadian, or so I’ve surmised. My dad bought a two-four of it for a party a year ago, and we can’t even give it away. That’s why I decided to try making beer can chicken on the barbecue.

One problem: the Molson was in a glass bottle, which I wasn’t sure would work the same way. I had to drain a can of Mr. December’s “good” beer (quotation marks because he likes sour beer and I think it’s gross) into a thermos and then fill the can with Molson. So far so good.

Have you seen pictures of a beer can chicken before? Most of them look something like this:

Photo credit: Snapguide

(After seeing a few dozen of these, it occurred to me that it kind of looks like the chicken is giving birth to a can of beer. In that light, the ones I saw online were like those women who put on makeup and do their hair immediately after giving birth so they look perfect and glowing. At least, I think they do. Nobody looks that good immediately after a birth, right?)

My chicken was not quite so photogenic. We had an issue from the get-go, where the chicken got butterflied before I could say anything, so I had to tie it together with string so it wouldn’t fall away from the can. Then it sort of slumped over like a sleepy drunk on the subway. When I brought it inside from the grill, it looked like this:


For the record, it tasted way better than it looked; the white meat was juicy and the dark meat was fully cooked. I think beer can chicken could become a staple in our home… at least until we finish that G-dforsaken two-four of Molson Canadian. So doing the math, if I use one bottle of beer per chicken, and I currently have 21 bottles of beer on the wall…

Maybe I should take up making beer bread too.

Shabbat Shalom!

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