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Day 80: Onward and upward! (house tour continued)

Welcome back! If you’re finished admiring my perch, we can head upstairs to the second floor.

You may recall that each child chose their own colour, and those colour choices formed the palette for our entire house. On the second floor we highlighted those colour choices by keeping the hallway white — except for the trim and the doors, which are painted the same colour as the trim inside the room beyond.

The first door on our right, in light green, leads to the laundry room. As you’ll see in a minute, the laundry room boasts a large window and I didn’t want to lose all that light just because we might not want to hear the machines; hence the glass door. It’s a sliding pocket door because there’s really no good place for a door to swing open here.

Inside the laundry room we have the machines on the right and the countertop, drying racks, and sink on the left. And in the middle, a big beautiful window that ensures it’s always bright enough to see stains that need pre-treating.

The cabinets are one of my builds. They hold laundry baskets and hampers on the bottom; the short, wide opening was designed to accommodate a swing-out ironing board that I haven’t gotten around to building yet. The cabinet under the sink was going to have a door, but in the end I felt that we don’t need one, and it would probably just get in our way.

The drying racks up above are one of my DIY upcycling projects: they were a way to use parts of our old crib, now that our baby days are behind us. The wood countertop is the same as those in our kitchen; it gives us plenty of space to fold clean clothes. The sink is a bit small for my liking, but a couple of SNAFUs during construction led us here; my consolation is that we have a big utility sink in the Makery.

We built a platform for the laundry machines. The platform is fully waterproof and has a drain in its floor in case of a leak or a flood — it’s essentially built like a shower floor. This puts the machines at a comfortable height, and gives us a lot of usable space below. Right now it’s where we keep the extra toilet paper and paper towels. Sitting on top of the machines (no special installation) is another part of our old crib, serving as a drying rack.

Right-o. Back out into the hall, where you notice these four panels in the wall. This was one of those details that probably drove our builder crazy. When they were framing the walls, this wall had to be thicker than most to accommodate the pocket doors (they have to slide in somewhere.) I saw huge spaces between the studs that were just going to be closed up with drywall, and informed the contractors that I would be installing cabinets in those openings. In the end I built the cabinet boxes, installed them with Mr. December’s help (it’s not a job for just two hands), and milled and installed the trim.

What’s inside? All of the extra toiletries and supplies, as well as our first aid kit. The doors have push-openers so that we don’t have knobs sticking out into the hallway and catching on people’s clothes.

By the way, installing cabinets like these is easy. I posted a tutorial for it years ago, when I built an in-wall spice cabinet in our kitchen. I’m hooked on using every inch of otherwise unusable space, and this is a great way to do it.

I’ll leave you here for today. When the tour continues, we’ll do the children’s bathrooms and I’ll answer the question of why I bothered putting a preschool-sized toilet and low sink in a bathroom my kids will be using until they move out.

One thought on “Day 80: Onward and upward! (house tour continued)

  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE your laundry room and your use of the space inside the wall in the hallway for storage. BRILLIANT.

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